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Vitrified Bond Diamond Bruting Wheel

Grit: W20 W40 W60 Tyle: 1A1 14A1
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Diamond Wheels Typle
vitrified bond diamond wheel for grinding magnetized materials According to the feature of magnetized material, we developed a new kind of ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel.
Selection of Chroma
Chroma is the percentage taken up in the workfloor of Diamond.Vitrified Bond Diamond Wheel ordinarily select chroma between 100~200%.
Selection of Grit
Coarse granule of grinding materials bring better efficiency, while the surface of workpiece will be rough.
Selection of Grinding materials
1.According to Original criterion of Industry Department; 2.According to Criterion of P.R.C.
Diamond grinding grain number of possibly
Diamond grinding grain number of possibly
CBN grinding wheel
PCD Tooling Justification Report
The diamond layer's abrasion resistance, coupled with the carbide's strength, produces a cutting tool material that achieves a tremendous increase in machining performance. PCD is primarily used in non-ferrous metalworking applications such as copper
Diamond/CBN Grit Size Table
Grit Size Comparison Chart:w3.5 2-4 6000 w5 3-6 4000 w10 6-12 1800 w20 12-22 1000 w28 20-30 700 w40 30-40 450 w50 36-54 325/400
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