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Vitrified Bond Diamond Bruting Wheel

Grit: W20 W40 W60 Tyle: 1A1 14A1

Terms Of Delivery

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airway bill,original B\L,optional port,optional charges,optional charges to be borne by the Buyers - About Terms, Delivery Information




租船charter(the chartered shep)

交货时间 time of delivery

定程租船voyage charter;

装运期限time of shipment

定期租船time charter



班轮regular shipping liner


舱位shipping space


报关clearance of goods

陆运收据cargo receipt

提货to take delivery of goods

空运提单airway bill

正本提单original B\L

选择港(任意港)optional port

选港费optional charges

选港费由买方负担 optional charges to be borne by the Buyers

或 optional charges for Buyers' account

一月份装船 shipment during January 或 January shipment

一月底装船 shipment not later than Jan.31st.或shipment on or before Jan.31st.

一/二月份装船 shipment during Jan./Feb.或 Jan./Feb. shipment

……(时间)分两批装船 shipment during....in two lots

……(时间)平均分两批装船 shipment during....in two equal lots

分三个月装运 in three monthly shipments

分三个月,每月平均装运 in three equal monthly shipments

立即装运 immediate shipments

即期装运 prompt shipments

收到信用证后30天内装运 shipments within 30 days after receipt of L/C

允许分批装船 partial shipment not allowed partial shipment not permitted partial shipment not unacceptable

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