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Vitrified Bond Diamond Bruting Wheel

Grit: W20 W40 W60 Tyle: 1A1 14A1
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Selection of Grinding materials

2010.07.22  Henan HengYuan Super Hard Products Co., Ltd.  www.kosuperhard.com  Views
1.According to Original criterion of Industry Department; 2.According to Criterion of P.R.C.About Grinding materials, Diamod Wheel, Diamod Wheels Information

Selection of Grinding materials:

(1)According to Original criterion of Industry Department

Series Code Granularity Applying fields
Diamond No.1 JR1 46#~280# Used to make resin binder grinding tools
Diamond No.2 JR2 46#~120# Used to make metal binder grinding tools

(2)According to Criterion of P.R.C.

Series Code Granularity Usage
Narrow series Broad series
Synthetic Diamond RVD 60/70~325/400 60/80~270/400 Used to make resin/ceram binder grinding tools or for grinding etc.
Synthetic Diamond MBD 50/60~325/400 60/80~270/400 Used to make metal binder grinding tools, plating products, drilling tool or for grinding etc.
Cubic Boron Nitride CBN 20/25~325/400 20/30~270/400 Used to make resin/metal/ceram binder grinding tools etc.
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