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Vitrified Bond Diamond Bruting Wheel

Grit: W20 W40 W60 Tyle: 1A1 14A1
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Henan HengYuan Super Hard Products Co., Ltd.About Us

Henan HengYuan Super Hard Products Co., Ltd is one professional technological enterprise engaged in developing, producing, selling and servicing ultra hard products especially kinds of vitrified diamond grinding wheel, vitrified CBN grinding wheel, and other polycrystalline diamond products. All the materials and products sell to India, Thailand, Israel, Canada, France, Belgium, Japan, Turkey and American area.

Vitrified Diamond wheel are designed for the cold processing of inorganic non-metal materials industry, ceramic processing industry, construction and road industry, stone processing industry, carbide processing industry, glass industry, and PCD/PCBN industry.

Vitrified CBN wheel are mainly used for the auto mobile industry, hydraulic industry and air-conditioning compressor industry. Besides, we can design and manufacture suitable processing tools by changing technology according to the customers' personalized requirements.

Today, the demand of vitrified-bonded wheels is sharply increasing in various high-tech industries. We has put forth its best efforts without exception, to develop better quality and high-performance vitrified-bonded products to meet all diversified industrial applications.

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